Casemaking Equipment

ODM is one of the leading manufacturers in the work for book binding machines.

The Casemaking System and the Casemaking XXL are designed for high productivity with one or two operators in mind.

The machines are very robust and made to last.

The Casemaking System compromises of the following parts:

  • Spreader

The Spreader is a gluing machine to apply glue to the cover

  • Slider

The Slider is the case gauge to assemble the hard case. There is also a light box underneath the case gauge.

  • Squeezer

The Squeezer is a rotary press for adding additional pressure to the just created hard case.

  • Stomper

The Stomper is a turning-in machine to turn in the edges of the cover

All of the above items are attached to a sturdy bench with a storage shelf

The Casemaking System is design to produce up to 200 covers per hour


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Showing all 4 results