Electric Punching

We offer a range of electric punching machines for wire binding, spiral binding and comb binding.

Seriously Digital offers machines from James Burn International (JBI) as the Australian Distributor. We also offer machines from CSTek, to offer a wider range of machines for our customers.

We have a solution for every application and every budget.

JBI Electric Punching Systems come in various width and are either manual or Semi Automatic.

We offer the P3400 and P3400A, and the P5000. The PB3300  is a combination machine, which has a wire closer built in.

Seriously Digital offers the Diamond Punch and the UltraMac Semi Auto Punching System.

All of the machines come with a variety of punching tools. 2:1, 3:1 and 3:1 with thumb cut for wire, round and oval hole spiral (coil) tools and a tool for comb binding. There are also some specialised tools available like 4 holes with 6mm diameter, perforation and T-Slot

We also have refurbished and second hand machines from Renz and Rhin-O-Tuff on offer at times and are subject to availability

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Showing all 3 results