Digital Foiling

Seriously Digital are the experts in digital foiling solutions, also called foil fusing, sleeking or toner foil.

Our company is based in Melbourne. We mainly support customers in Australia, but also help customers in areas close by.

Our foil adheres only to digitally printed sheets. Especially to dry toner or Indigo Electro Ink. The foiled doesn’t adhere to offset ink or wide format ink, but you can basically print on every digital printing machine with toner.

We offer a wide range of metallic colours, UV clear and holographic effects.

Seriously Digital offers a very wide range of machines. All the machines are either dedicated foiling machines, or laminating machines with a foil feature.

Our range of machines:

  • Bench Top dedicated foil only – manual feed or auto feed
  • Bench Top laminating machine with foil feature
  • Laminating machine semi automatic feed or automatic feed

Machines start with bench top machines, over manual feed laminating machines, and to fully automated laminating machines.

Foiling gives your print a stand out feature. This great feature is widely used on light packaging, invitations, business cards, presentation folders, product promotions, but also on decorative art work.

Just have a look at some of our videos, which give you a great insight of what this is all about: Digital Foil Video

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Showing all 5 results