Tab Cutting Machines

Seriously Digital is the Australian Distributor for the Onglematic range of Index Tab Cutting Machines, also called tab cutters.

Onglematic is now a division of James Burn International. All tab cutting machines are manufactured in France, to the highest quality specifications

We currently offer the Onglematic 3 (O3), the Onglematic 5 (O5) and the automatic Onglematic 7 (O7)

James Burn International is currently the only supplier of high quality desk tab cutters machines in the world. They have a long standing history of making long lasting and very durable machines.

All machines are available with six different cutting appliances, but custom cutting shapes are available upon request.

We offer the following shapes as standard options:

  • 15 degree angle
  • 90 degree angle
  • Round corner 90 degree
  • Double round corner 90 degree
  • Inclined double round corner
  • Inclined round corner

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Showing all 3 results