Perfect Binding Machines

Seriously Digital is the Australian distributor for Perfect Binding Machines from RIGO Kft

Rigo makes high quality Perfect Binding and PUR Binding machines in Hungary/Europe.

The range compromises many different models in A4 and A3 size. Models on offer range from semi automatic to automatic machines. The larger models have automatic cover feeder modules with automatic scoring.

The enclosed PUR system is unique to Rigo machines. Above all, we consider it to be the best system in the world. Enclosed PUR systems are very user friendly and easy to clean.

Rigo is a leader in glue applications and CNC machining. All machines are designed in-house, all parts are manufactured in Hungary under tight quality control.

We supply all consumables for our supplied perfect binders and PUR binders, including glue and cleaner. In addition, we offer service and repair work on all Rigo machines.

Seriously Digital also offers some entry level machines, which are made in Asia.

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Showing all 9 results