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Hevotec exclusive from Seriously Digital

Seriously Digital is proud to announce a partnership with Hevotec. We are offering the full range of electric and hydraulic guillotines, A4 and A3 perfect binding machines. All Hevotec machines have a colour touch screen, easy controls, simple to operate and all the relevant safety features. The electric guillotines come in sizes of 460mm and 490mm. The hydraulic guillotines come in sizes of 520mm, and 720mm. The perfect binding machines come in single roller and three roller configuration. The perfect binding machines are also available in A4 and A3 size. All binders have side gluing, to give you the perfect result. All machines are backed by a 12 month parts and labour warranty


Hevotec HT 520 Hydralic Guillotine
HV-HT 520
Hevotec A4 3 Roller Perfect Binding Machine
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