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Recyclable and Biodegradable Products

Seriously Digital has a new sister company called Cartonpack. The idea behind Cartonpack was born out of a need for sustainable and recyclable packaging methods, because we want to reduce the use of plastic where possible. This idea was taken further and therefore we started Cartonpack, so that more businesses can take advantage of such products. Our packaging material is made from used cardboard boxes, which are processed by a cardboard shredder. Besides the environmental benefit of re-using cardboard, there is certainly a huge potential of savings on packaging materials.

  • Cartonpack now offers:
  • cardboard shredders/perforators for re-using cardboard as packaging material
  • Biodegradable Plastic Products such as tape, stretch wrap, cling wrap, garbage bags and more
  • Memjet Inkjet printer to print directly onto boxes a fold flat cardboard boxes

Have a look on our new web site, which is currently in a re-designing process. The shop on the page will go live in late November. Until then we are happy to send you more information by email.

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